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Tripura Rahasya In Hindi Pdf

Tripura Rahasya the Mystery Beyond the Trinityis ancient text on with original Sanskrut text with translation (meaning) in Hindi or Gujarati?. FOREWORD. Tripura Rahasya was considered by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi as one of the greatest works that expounded advaita philosophy. He often. Tripura Rahasya was considered by Bhagavan Sri Ramana. Maharshi as one of the greatest works that expounded advaita philosophy. He often quoted from it.

No other course will impress the mind so much as this one on Wisdom which was once taught by that illustrious master Dattatreya to Parasurama. The teaching was born of his own experience, logical in sense and quite unique in its nature. One who cannot apprehend Truth even after hearing this must be dismissed as a silly fool to be ranked among the insentient and accursed of God; Siva himself cannot make such an one gain wisdom. I now proceed to relate that incomparable teaching. Oh, the lives of Sages are most sacred! Narada too served me to learn the same from me; for, service to sages enables one to apprehend their innate kindness, just as the sense of smell helps one to detect the intrinsic odour of musk. As Parasurama, the son of Jamadagni, already pure-minded and pleasing to all, was listening to the Gospel of Tripura from the lips of Dattatreya, he became abstracted in devotion and so growing still for a time, his mind became still purer. Then as the mind relaxed, his eyes glowed in rapture and his hair stood on end, as if his ecstasy could not be contained within but must escape through the very pores of his body. He then fell to the ground before his master Datta. Again he arose, and being filled with ecstasy, his voice choked with emotion as he said: 'Lucky am I; blessed am I; through Thy Grace O Lord! That expanse of Grace called Siva, here incarnate as my Guru, is indeed gracious to me; gaining whose pleasure even the Lord of creation, looks a pigmy. Does not the God of Death verily merge into the Self, if only one's master is pleased with one? That Supreme Being is gracious indeed, just in so much as is my Master, for reasons unknown to me.

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Tripura rahasya in hindi pdf free download

I am a returning customer and have downloadd many Puranas from your firm. The country was then ruled by Haihayas , a certain clan of Kshatriyas. Some of them came into a clash with Parasurama, but fared the worse. They dared not challenge him afterwards.


Their rancor, however, remained, and they could not resist their longing for revenge. They seized their opportunity when Parasurama was far away from the hermitage and attacked and killed his saintly father.

Parasurama vowed that he would clear the earth of the Kshatriya vermin.

While passing through a forest an Avadhuta , by name Dattatreya, saw Renuka and stopped the young man who carried her. She blessed him and told him of her life on earth and her resolve to end it.

Tripura Rahasya - Mahatmya Khanda - Sanskrit Text - [PDF Document]

She also advised her son to look to Dattatreya for help when needed. He then challenged every Kshatriya in the land and killed them all. Their blood was collected in a pool in Kurukshetra, and Parasurama offered oblations to his forefathers with it. His dead ancestors appeared and told him to desist from his bloody revenge. Accordingly, he retired into a mountain fastness and lived as a hermit.

Hearing on one occasion of the prowess of Rama, his wrath rekindled and he came back to challenge him. Rama was born of Dasaratha who, though a Kshatriya, escaped his doom by a ruse.


Dattatreya There was once a dutiful wife whose husband was, however, a licentious wretch. This couple unwittingly disturbed Rishi Mandavya , who had been placed on a spear by a misguided king.

The Rishi, who was in agony but not dying, cursed them, saying that the husband would die at sunrise and the wife be left a widow. Widowhood is most abhorrent to a Hindu lady and considered worse than death.

By the force of her intense loyalty to her husband she resisted the curse of the Rishi: The Sun could not rise, and the Gods were rendered impotent.


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