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Free download Learning German with Mnemonics - magazine, book reading online without registration!. Every month you transfer money for your course of German, but you have the . You'll learn to know the most powerful mnemonic strategies used by memory artists, .. And if you think about it: you don't take any risk when you download it and. In my e-book „learn german grammar with mnemonics mnemonics for learning of german grammar are virtually unknown, mnemonics in „learn-german-smarter.

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Learn German With Mnemonics Pdf

Learn more about the background of using mnemonics for learning german grammar. Download this course on dingharbasuppprom.gq thank for your interest and i. learn german grammar with mnemonics download. Learn german online. 34 german lessons, german grammar, idioms, dingharbasuppprom.gq in cooperation with. Then check out how to learn German faster with mnemonic devices! Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take.

Learning German with Mnemonics This eBook applies highly efficient memory techniques to the learning of German grammar. Besides learning the crucial German grammar rules you will be learning very efficient mnemonic techniques which will help you to REMEMBER these rules in a very powerful way. More than 50 colored mnemonic images and illustrations will simplify your memorization of grammar rules. Work sheets can be downloaded for free after you have purchased the eBook. Here is the grammar which will be treated in this eBook: Gender words, the system of adjective endings, prepositions with accusative case, prepositions with dative case, two-way-prepositions, verbs and their complements which case or preposition does a verb use? In the free downloadable appendix you will find more then critical verbs with mnemonic example sentences, that is, sentences which provide you efficient memory triggers for ablauts or certain prepositions which some verbs use.

learn german picture dictionary: Learn German With Mnemonics Free Download

This coloring book offers you 40 pages of master copies to practice for yourself or to have fun while teaching your students. Funny illustrations demonstrate very clearly the distinctive use of the 9 most important bigovernate prepositions. If you are a teacher, copy any individual preposition for your group of students and introduce them one by one in the correct context action or position. You have the option to use the illustration with or without markings so you determine yourself the level of difficulty of the exercise.

Thank you very much for the funy coloring pictures. Greetings from Downunder! Read very easily on the right page the English version and take at any time a glance to the opposite page to get an idea of the original German text. This way you have a seamless transition to your first German text! It was all done by a professional bilingual translator!

Ok, it becomes still better: This bilingual-service should be worth at least another 20,- Euros. My price for you: More than 30 mnemonic-learning posters with the manual. More than mnemonic flash cards for verbs. Every single record card contains a mnemonic example-sentence and also very often additional memory aids, which facilitate the learning of difficult verbs.

How To Learn And Memorize German Grammar Pdf

Super-coloring book for the two-way-prepositions in the form of master copies. Article-memory game with 54 cards for practicing the nouns with genus-specific endings.

Fundamental mental strategies, which you can apply to other learning issues without any problem — e. But there still is more. Exactly, I take the full risk to give you the possibility to test the Power-learning kit for German grammar. And the guarantee works like this: Ok, wait a minute … I can still do a bit better for you. I want to save you that disappointment.

How to Learn German Faster with Mnemonics

Then the steepness of your learning curve lies in your own hands. Other words and rules will be more problematic, and you think: At some point you will take your important exam and you might ask yourself something like: Oh yes, that was in this and that situation. And with a big smile on your face you write down the correct answer …. And if you think about it: So, test the Power-learning kit and transform your memory to a unique place of productive creativity.

My practice manual will provide you with concrete step-by-step instructions for the creative, systematic learning techniques. The chance that you will be as enthusiastic as many other customers, who already tested the package, is very high. I will refund the full amount of the download price. Finally somebody who knows that grammar-drums and vocabulary-swotting not really bring much about, and is serious to do something about it as well!

I love your techniques and use them now in my lessons. Thanks a lot and above all I wish you success! Thank you very much for your German-grammar-materials! Just browsing your homepage is already a real pleasure. My students were enthralled. And furthermore I would like to highlight the wonderful pictures. They are highly inspiring for the students, it shows time and time again by the memory-game in the different courses!

Finally a creative approach to the word grammar, which is received very well by everybody. And the adjective-declension was also understood from the beginning. The images stay in the mind and grammar rules are not just some letters on paper anymore!

Your work is very well thought out and designed. And finally a mnemotechnician takes on a wide, important subject area! Every single cent is absolutely worth it!! When I met you personally at a conference, your enthusiasm for the teaching of German and mnemotechnics was very obvious!

Keep up the good work! Thank you for offering your materials at such a reasonable price! And for a long lasting use they will be plasticized as well. This, I only do with materials I really like!!! During my 15 years as a teacher of German, I was incessantly endeavored to lighten the learning of the German grammar for my students.

In the mean time, your learning posters have been printed in color, plasticized and are just waiting to be put on the wall in the classroom.

I would like to receive your permission to show your brilliant work at a vocational training course for teachers. Surely many teachers will be infected by my enthusiasm. I have to ascertain that your techniques are very structured and helpful.

I wish you success and will recommend your products. The students use it both for their seminars and for their course-designs in the language schools, internships etc.

Many foreign students work with the materials to improve their knowledge of German. Professor for German as a foreign language, Technical University Berlin. My clients are mostly medium and higher level managers. Your materials unlax the learning process wondrously and the clients are always astonished how easily they can memorize the content by means of your methods.

My students here in Ucrania sing passionately the dative-song in chorus! And not only during the classes: You could see the difference after a short while, as they made a lot less mistakes in their spontaneous speaking and the participants felt more certain. I already took part in several language courses and learned a lot by heart every time, but I forget a lot after a while […].

The articles are committed to memory a lot faster and afterwards I have no problems anymore to remember it. Not only have the students a lot of fun with the different excercises and of course the pictures, but they memorize things incredibly well. Teacher for German as a foreign Language, German college, Tenerife. Your book is a compact work, for everybody who wants to enhance his learning potential effectively.

All the mnemotechnics are explained and implemented by means of elaborate examples. This e-book constitutes a basis for both teachers and students of languages, and it should be read and implemented.

I congratulate you with this enormous work. Many thanks! My participants are just as enthused as I am and they were astonished that it is possible to comprehend and to remember various interrelations in such a simple and quick way.

None of them had experienced anything similar before. But the most important thing was that we have learned in a quick way while having lots of fun and laughter, without any dusty grammar rules. Once again many, many thanks! I give private lessons for German as a foreign language and started this week to use your materials with my students. They were excited and have learned the prepositions easily!

This is exactly what I expected, and it saves me a lot of time and effort.


And finally it is fun! Your materials are really superb. Well done, Peter! I have used the preposition-songs with and years students and they liked it very much. The mnemotechnic suggestions are brilliant, especially for visual learners. The drawings in the book and on the learning cards are very pleasing and funny. As a teacher, I work with NLP- and suggestopedia-techniques for quite a while now.

The right intermediation of knowledge is a matter of particular concern for me. This way I want to thank you for your commitment….

I think all the materials in the learning package are outstanding. And the Iglingorismus and co. They all had a lot of fun with the memory-game! I can already tell you now that I think that, above all, the method for the correct use of the adjective-endings is very convincing. You have succeeded to produce a good tutorial in a very illustrative form on the implementation of memory techniques. The supplementary material is designed in a lovely way.

It led to many questions and a high level of motivation. Many thanks!! Most probably. Note that the arrr! Sounds can help solidify the information even further.

It is a kind of manufactured synesthesia. You could find a similar clue for leech if necessary. I know, this seems like an awfully convoluted way to remember one word, but trust me, it is worth it. Once you have had some practice, the speed that you come up with these little stories will increase, and you will find yourself forming images in your mind automatically.

Apart from that, once you get the hang of it you will see your retention rate for new words skyrocket! No joke. These devices can also be used to remember German grammar rules. One of the hardest things for non-Germans to get behind is the gender of nouns. Whether something is male, female or neuter seems to be assigned at random and to possess no discernible system sometimes even native speakers can not agree: ask your German friends whether it is der Blog or das Blog.

The trick here is to make gender part of the image you form in your mind for each noun. This can be done in the form of colors.

For example you could assign the color blue to male nouns, red to female and yellow to neutral. So when you learn Tisch as in the example above, you would then imagine a blue table or maybe blue paint dripping down on the table from the satellite dish. Following the same line of thought, you can imagine a red cat or a yellow hospital.

It might even be better to give the cat red nail polish or the hospital building a yellow cross instead of its usual color. Keep in mind: the stranger and more vivid the image in your head, the more likely it is that you will recall it and the information encoded therein. The examples above should only serve as a starting point. This can be done in the form of colors. For example you could assign the color blue to male nouns, red to female and yellow to neutral.

So when you learn Tisch as in the example above, you would then imagine a blue table or maybe blue paint dripping down on the table from the satellite dish. Following the same line of thought, you can imagine a red cat or a yellow hospital. It might even be better to give the cat red nail polish or the hospital building a yellow cross instead of its usual color. Keep in mind: The examples above should only serve as a starting point.

What you can take away from this article are the basic principles of processing information in a way that it is more easily remembered. Then, use your own associations to make German more accessible to you.

Take a look at what you are struggling with when it comes to German, and see how you can reframe it — using mnemonics — to makes it stickier. You could easily come up with an image that represents German syntax order time, manner, place or use mnemonics to remember all prepositions that take the dative or the accusative.

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Learning German with Mnemonics

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