Please be advised that the HAFA Affidavit has been updated to correct minor clerical errors in the address and signature blocks. This updated. Bank of America Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) Matrix. If you do not . Signed HAFA Affidavit as a condition of the closing. including Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) which Hardship Affidavit (including Dodd Frank Certification/Request for.

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    Fill Ocwen Hafa Affidavit Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Home Affordable Modification Program Hardship Affidavit. Date of Birth: Date of Birth: Borrower Name: Co-Borrower Name: Property Street Address. Property. The borrower, purchaser, and all parties involved in the transaction must sign and date a Short Sale Affidavit (Form ) at the time of the.

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    By Elizabeth Weintraub Updated January 30, An arm's length affidavit is to promise the bank that the parties do not know each other and that there is no pre-existing relationship between the seller and the buyer.

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    When people get into financial trouble, crooks can smell distress a mile away. They seem to constantly be cooking up schemes that take advantage of those homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

    Due in part to the short sale flippers and shady double-escrow deals on short sales, banks have cracked down. Why Banks Require an Arm's-Length Affidavit in a Short Sale An arm's-length affidavit is a document created by a short sale bank in an attempt to prevent sellers from selling to a relative and to curb mortgage fraud.

    The reason the bank does not want a seller to transfer title to a relative in a short sale is that sellers cannot profit from a short sale.

    Sometimes sellers make side agreements with relatives or friends to act as a straw buyer. Then, after the transaction closes, those pretend buyers quickly transfer title back to the seller.

    This practice, in effect, means the sellers have repurchased their home at maybe half the cost, which greatly benefits those sellers. But, banks make the rules and say sellers can't benefit. A declaration may be substituted for an affidavit in most cases for those opposed to swearing oaths.

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    The person making the affidavit is known as the deponent but does not sign the affidavit. United States[ edit ] In American jurisprudence , under the rules for hearsay , admission of an unsupported affidavit as evidence is unusual especially if the affiant is not available for cross-examination with regard to material facts which may be dispositive of the matter at bar.

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    Affidavits from persons who are dead or otherwise incapacitated, or who cannot be located or made to appear, may be accepted by the court, but usually only in the presence of corroborating evidence.

    An affidavit which reflected a better grasp of the facts close in time to the actual events may be used to refresh a witness's recollection. Materials used to refresh recollection are admissible as evidence. If the affiant is a party in the case, the affiant's opponent may be successful in having the affidavit admitted as evidence, as statements by a party-opponent are admissible through an exception to the hearsay rule.

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    Affidavits are typically included in the response to interrogatories. In such a case, a court will accept an affidavit from the filing attorney in support of the motion, as certain assumptions are made, to wit: The affidavit in place of sworn testimony promotes judicial economy. The lawyer is an officer of the court and knows that a false swearing by him, if found out, could be grounds for severe penalty up to and including disbarment. The lawyer if called upon would be able to present independent and more detailed evidence to prove the facts set forth in his affidavit.


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